Dancing Between the Polarities with Nadia Irshaid Gilbert

Nadia Irshaid Gilbert is a Palestinian-American artist working at the intersection of spirit, culinary production, experience design and filmmaking. Her multidisciplinary work invites us to dive deep, transform our relationships, and engage with the vision of interconnected, collective liberation.

Hadar Cohen is an Arab Jewish scholar, mystic and artist. She teaches spirituality and Jewish mysticism at Malchut, a spiritual skill building school teaching direct experience of God. Hadar is a Jewish mystic who builds decolonial frameworks to worship God. Hadar is an artist weaving the spiritual with the political through the artistic mediums of performance, movement, writing, weaving, sound, and ritual. To learn more about Hadar, visit // @hadarcohen32 To study at her mystical school, check out Subscribe to her Substack to stay tuned to latest episodes and offerings