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Malchut is a mystical school taught by Hadar Cohen on direct experience of God through heart-centered spiritual traditions.


God Fellowship 


Our capstone offering is God Fellowship, a 12 week training on direct experience of God. In this course, you will develop a clear framework for spiritual teachings and learn how to integrate them into your day to day life. God Fellowship teaches practical skills of how to use the mind, body and heart to ground your relationship with the Creator.

The Fellowship acts as a portal for participants to expand their understanding of potent spiritual teachings rooted in multiple spiritual traditions, psychology, and quantum physics. The 12 part course includes guided meditations and teachings, and two levels of interaction depending on the learner’s preference - the virtual community cohort and the self-paced online course. Our teachings are open and accessible to people of all faiths and backgrounds. 


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curriculum on the cosmology of creation

School’s Philosophy 


The first teaching in our school is God is Everything. This means that every moment, every breath, every experience is a learning of God. Nothing is separate from God, all experiences swim in the Divine streams.


We believe in God not as an abstract phenomena but as a lived reality. We teach through the fields of consciousness, energy and devotion, meaning that the teachings don’t simply happen in the classroom but through life itself. Our core principle is that direct experience is the highest form of wisdom. We equip our students with methodology to navigate their inner landscapes to experience God directly. Our mission is to integrate the spiritual and physical realms through understanding of the self.  


Our purpose is to articulate with precision the reality of God and train spiritual skills to experience the Divine Ream through one’s unique positionality. We are dedicated to the liberation of every being. This means that no teacher can liberate her students, but rather the student must learn to liberate themselves with the tools the teacher provides. 


Our teachings are open and accessible to people of all faiths and backgrounds.

Teachings at the intersection of science, philosophy and spirituality

Your Teacher: Hadar Cohen

 Hadar is an Arab Jewish multimedia artist, healer and educator based in Los Angeles. She is the founder of Malchut, a mystical school teaching direct experience of God through heart centered spiritual traditions. Hadar is a Jewish mystic who works to build decolonial frameworks for worshiping God. She is an artist weaving the spiritual with the political and her artistic mediums include performance, movement, writing, weaving, sound and ritual. Learn more at


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