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Open to people of all faiths

Malchut is a mystical school for the spiritual student who yearns to elevate their understanding of God through direct experience of life. 

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Join this membership based Jewish Mystical School starting at $40/month and have access to recordings and live classes on Jewish tradition. Open to people of all faiths. 

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God Fellowship

A 12-week training that teaches practical skills of how to use the mind, body and heart to ground your relationship with the Creator.

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1:1 sessions that support you in connecting to Divine Presence. Sessions combine body awareness practices, talking through experiences, and energetic liberation work. Tarot readings available as well.

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Hadar Cohen

Hadar is an Arab Jewish scholar, mystic and artist. She teaches spirituality and Jewish mysticism at Malchut, a mystical school teaching direct experience of God. She is originally from Jerusalem with lineage across the Middle East including Iran, Iraq, Syria and Palestine. Hadar is a Jewish mystic with Sephardic roots who’s building decolonial frameworks for worshiping God. Her artistic mediums include performance, movement, writing, weaving, sound, and ritual. Through integrating the spiritual and political, Hadar creates socially aware art that transforms systems of oppression into ecosystems of liberation and healing. To learn more, visit her personal website

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3 Channels of Malchut

These channels are core to understanding ourselves and our world.



1st Channel


The Mind

Learn to work with your own awareness

2nd Channel


The Body

Learn to embody God through reality

3rd Channel


The Heart

Learn to combine awareness and experience

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Free Meditations on Insight Timer!

Listen to our guided meditations including Malchut's 3 channels: Consciousness, Energy and Devotion, as well as the 10 Divine Aspects of God according to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

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Listen to Hadar's Web

Hadar's Web is a podcast featuring community conversations on spirituality, healing, justice, and art. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more. 

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“Hadar is gifted in helping locate the wisdoms of the body – both dormant and active – guiding attention to facilitate the alchemies required. I felt supported, safe, and spiritually alive in every best way. She's a true angel.”
— Didier Sylvain

“Hadar is a true mystic. She seamlessly weaves together justice and ancient wisdom, and from her pours forth insight that helps us mend and re-member the fractured pieces of ourselves. Her approach to teaching is gentle and profound, drawing the student into her wellspring of knowledge and wisdom with timeless grace.”
- Ariella Powers
“Hadar is a gifted space holder. Whether she is playing the role of educator, consultant, or facilitator, she brings a perspective that is both unique and unifying to all that she comes across. It’s not hard to tell that her work comes from a deep place of love for humanity. Every time we work together I learn something new, find myself asking new questions and feel myself coming closer and closer to the Truth.”
- Maya Mansour
“Hadar is a powerful and gifted educator and facilitator. Her understanding of positionality and her brave engagement in political and social discourse is medicine for these polarized times. Combining her deep spiritual connection to the Divine with her sharp intellect, she develops content and engages participants in learning processes that feel inspiring, uplifting and potent.”
- Elena Pinksy 
"At God Fellowship I learned a spiritual framework for how to meet life, how to see and experience life from an expansive lens and tune into the oneness of the universe. I gained spiritual wisdom applicable in all times and spaces through tools which research the unseen realms. My intuition deepened and my heart practiced being more open. It’s a beautiful community with lots of love and support."
- Linda Dyab
“Hadar is a gifted sage. We came to Hadar for spiritual counseling leading up to our wedding. She gave us powerful frameworks for thinking about love, marriage, conflict, and healing. She unearthed dynamics in our own relationship that we weren’t aware of, helped us discover where they were rooted, and gave us the tools to manage those dynamics. We grew so much in just a couple sessions, and since then have often turned to her frameworks to help ease tensions. We’ll forever be grateful.”
- Daniela Sirkin & Eli Wirtschafter

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