Unveiling Inner Transformation


Our Mission

Malchut is a mystical school teaching direct experience of​ God through heart centered spiritual traditions. Our​ curriculum of cosmology encompasses three channels:​ consciousness (the mind), energy (the body), and devotion​ (the heart). We integrate perspectives from spirituality,​ psychology, science, philosophy, and theology rooted in​ multireligious perspectives. Our fundamental principle is​ that God is life itself and there are many paths to know and​ understand God. Through direct teachings and inner​ transformative work, we cultivate a community of those​ devoted to having a relationship with God and invested in​ healing our world.

Malchut’s vision is to teach embodied spirituality through the spiritual and material realm by giving you the tools to cultivate your inner world for spiritual transformation and to be able to heal the world around us. Through teachings rooted in ancient traditions, we will guide you into having a better understanding of your mind, heart, and body, so you can embody spirituality, have a profound relationship with God and be a part of a devoted community.

Our Vision

Brand Values



We understand that there are multiple paths to God, so that is why we celebrate the richness and diversity of religious traditions. Malchut is an inclusive environment where students can explore various spiritual paths, deepen their understanding of different religious practices, and find the common thread that unites humanity. 


Embodied Spirituality

We teach that the material and spiritual planes are interconnected and learn how to harmonize between the two. Accomplishing this will give students a profound relationship with God through the channels of consciousness, energy and devotion. 


Inner and Outer Alignment

We teach the importance of aligning one’s inner spiritual journey with the outer actions in the world. Malchut works with students to integrate their spiritual practices into their daily life, creating a sense of responsibility, compassion, and ethical engagement with the larger community.

On God Language


At our school, we boldly use the word God. We understand that perhaps this might activate people in various ways, as this word holds charge and connotation. We believe in the importance of using this terminology because we desire to directly address the charge that this word holds and heal the pains that have been caused in our world by misuse of God’s name. 

We honor that people are at different stages of relating to God and we make space for that process. If the word God doesn’t work for you at this time, we invite substitutions such as Spirit, Universe, Love, etc. We believe God has infinite names in many languages and traditions. We welcome and embrace the diverse ways of calling to the Holy One.

Our Name


Malchut is a Hebrew word that means queendom. Malchut shares its root origins with the Arabic word Mamlaka, meaning the realm of regality.

From a Kabbalistic perspective, Malchut is one of the 10 Divine Aspects known in Hebrew as the Sefirot. These 10 Sefirot are the foundation of the Tree of Life, the tree kept and protected in the Garden of Eden after the fall of Adam and Eve . Malchut is the last aspect on the tree representing the final stage of creation. It is often synonymous with the Divine Feminine, sometimes known in Hebrew as the Shechina - the Dwelling Presence. Malchut holds the energies from the upper Sefirot and manifests them into the creation of the world. In this way, the meaning of Malchut is the manifestation of God in the world.

The name of this school is Malchut because the foundation of our learning is to return to our royal nature of Divine Beings. It was also chosen to signify our commitment to the embodiment of spiritual teachings in our world.

Our Lineage


Our purpose is to weave multiple spiritual traditions together for the unification of the Holy Name. We believe there are many paths to eternal truths and that these sacred teachings are available to all through life itself. Our lineage is constantly expanding based on the students that study with us and the teachings that channel as our streams widen.

The school was founded by Hadar Cohen, a Jewish mystic with 10 generations from Jerusalem. Many of the spiritual teachings were passed down through her own lineage so the teachings are rooted in the prophetic and royal line of Jerusalem.

We include teachings from ancient near eastern Goddess traditions, Judaism, Kabbalah, Islam, Sufism, Vedanta, Yoga, Yoruba tradition, the teachings of Jesus and Mary, and more. We also integrate modern psychology tools such as the teachings of Wilhelm Reich, Attachment Theory, Integrated Family Systems, Network Spinal Analysis, and more. We are fiscally sponsored by the Ibrahim Baba Institute and we desire to continue his legacy of decolonial devotion and multireligiousty.

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