God Fellowship


A 12 part training to integrate spiritual truths into your everyday life


God Fellowship is a 12 week training around direct experience of God. In this course, you will develop a clear framework for spiritual teachings and learn how to integrate them into your day to day life. God Fellowship teaches practical skills of how to use the mind, body and heart to ground your relationship with the Creator. The Fellowship acts as a portal for participants to expand their understanding of potent spiritual teachings rooted in multiple spiritual traditions, psychology, and quantum physics. The 12 part course includes guided meditations and teachings, and two levels of interaction depending on the learner’s preference. Our teachings are open and accessible to people of all faiths and backgrounds.


God Fellowship is for:

  • Seekers, whether you are just starting or well along your spiritual journey
  • People who want to enhance and compliment other spiritual modalities
  • Those looking for frameworks that integrates social justice and spirituality
  • Anyone who wants to approach spirituality from scientific perspective


For people of all faiths and backgrounds


The God Fellowship Live Cohort is an interactive 12 week community of practice rooted in spiritual development. In this class, you will be sharing skills and unpacking spiritual truths alongside others. This course acts as a portal to expand teachings of spirituality through the mind, body, and heart. Each session is catered to supporting the needs of the group and begins with a grounding meditation. Then, participants are presented with a teaching and they are led in an exercise of integrating the teaching in breakout groups with their peers. If you thrive in an interactive, collaborative learning environment, the Live Cohort is the best option for you.


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The God Fellowship Online Course is a 12 part offering that is optimized for those who want to process spiritual truths at their own pace. Through this powerful offering, you will learn how to use the mind, body and heart to ground your relationship with the Creator. This self-paced option is best for personal learning, and provides wide open space for students to process teachings on their own time. If you opt for the Online Course, you will receive video recordings of the meditations and spiritual teachings that you can move through at whatever speed resonates for you. 



A Glimpse Of The Curriculum

  1. God Is Everything
  2. Devotion & Dedication
  3. The Nature of the Mind
  4. The Space of Emptiness
  5. Navigating Awareness
  6. Pain As Separation From God
  7. The Purpose of Creation
  8. Frameworks & Conditioning
  9. Law of Opposites: Power Dynamics
  10. The Quantum Field
  11. Heart As Altar
  12. Integration 


God Fellowship is hosted through Malchut, a mystical school taught by Hadar Cohen on direct experience of God through heart-centered spiritual traditions. 
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