God Fellowship
Summer Live Cohorts  

A 12-week training to cultivate the mind, body, and heart for spiritual transformation. In this interactive community cohort, you will learn practical skills to deepen your understanding of self, others and Creator.





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What Is God Fellowship?


Practical Skills

The fellowship provides you with frameworks, techniques and skills to guide you on your spiritual path. It is an interactive community learning space where you will get to connect with other learners and grow together. 

Through participating in this fellowship, you will learn how to integrate mind, body and heart through spiritual wisdom. This fellowship will support you in your journey of inner transformation work. 

Course Composition

The fellowship is 12 weeks, meeting once a week for 90 minutes. Each session includes a guided meditation, a teaching and interactive exercises in small groups to apply the teachings. There are additional exercises to practice at home for each week.  

Each participant will also have access to God Fellowship as an online course which you can access at any time to review the teachings. 


Our teachings are open and accessible to people of all faiths and backgrounds.


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Who Is It For?


For those who are curious to embark on the spiritual path, whether as a beginner or experienced traveler. 


For those who are yearning to study the meaning of life.


For those who have had profound spiritual awakenings and want to integrate their learnings into everyday life. 


For those looking to invest in themselves and their personal growth. 


For those who are questioning “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and are seeking to deepen their understanding of self.


For those who want to cultivate a relationship with God

What You Will Learn

Our curriculum centers three channels:


Training the mind by developing consciousness through practices of awareness


Learning to understand our own experience of life and working with energy as the essence of creation


Integrating the teachings by opening the heart into love and compassion

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About Your Teacher

Hadar is an Arab Jewish scholar, mystic and artist. She is the founder of Malchut, a spiritual skill building school teaching Jewish mysticism and direct experience of God. She cultivated her own curriculum on the cosmology of creation and teaches it through her training God Fellowship. Malchut is also home for her Jewish Mystical School that includes a library of her classes and a community platform for connection. She is a 10th-generation Jerusalemite with lineage roots also in Syria, Kurdistan, Iraq and Iran. Hadar weaves the spiritual with the political through performance art, writing, music and ritual. Her podcast, Hadar’s Web, features community conversations on spirituality, healing, justice, and art. She offers tarot reading on Mystic Mondays available to book through her website. She writes a monthly newsletter with spiritual teachings and current offerings. To learn more, visit her personal website hadarcohen.me



Didier S., God Fellowship 2021

"The clarity of Hadar’s teachings is like no other. She has an uncanny ability to distill the cosmic dramas of our lives into simple concepts, frameworks, and practices. For those especially interested in the radical and urgent intersections of spiritual and political life, study with Hadar. Your future self will thank you."

Vere Nice, God Fellowship 2021

"The God Fellowship was a way to practice these beautiful soulful human truths. To practice seeing God in everything and everyone. What a gift to have this opportunity! To see God in my everyday and even in “unpleasant” situations. That God’s hand is in everything,  that all situations are for my spiritual evolution. That I wasn’t practicing this on my own but we were practicing these truths together. The connections I made in the God Fellowship are so vivid and close to my heart! I cherish everyone in the Fellowship. I am closer to the creator because of it."   

Eli W., God Fellowship 2022

"God Fellowship isn't just about God, it's about everything, but God is everything, so it's about God. I learned how to bring a spiritual mindset into everyday life. I got better at trusting my intuition. I got better at seeing how all experiences can be teachers. I got more comfortable talking about God, and knowing what God means to me. God Fellowship is a great way to learn in community."



 We are offering the course and fellowship at a sliding scale.

 The recommended cost for the fellowship is $1800 though if you need further support we allow a minimum of $1200. If you would like to pay more we recommend $2400 or $3200. 


  • God Fellowship Self-Paced Online Course
  • Summer Live Cohort

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Summer Live Cohort Dates

I. Tuesdays, May 30 - August 15th

II. Wednesdays, May 31 - August 16th

9-10:30 AM Los Angeles

12-1:30 PM New York

5-6:30 PM London

7-8:30 PM Jerusalem


All classes are virtual through Zoom with closed captioning available. 



Free Masterclass!

Curious to learn more about our curriculum? We have created a complimentary masterclass that is available as a downloadable PDF or video series through email. 

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