Jewish Mystical School 

A membership based community learning Jewish tradition together


What you will learn in Jewish Mystical School?

For thousands of years, communities would congregarte to learn spiritual teachings together. Jewish tradition has evolved throughout the generations yet this practice of learning in community has remained. Our school is situated in the modern era but desires to bring this ancient wisdom to the people. We believe in the potency of spiritual traditions to enrich our lives today. 

Our hopes is to create a community that engages with Jewish tradition through serious learning. We also teach the spiritual essence of Judaism through understanding the Divine Presence woven throughout.

Judaism is a beautiful religion and our classes are accessible to people of all backgrounds - whether you are just starting or an advanced learner. We also value the multi-religious spirit of God and invite people of other traditions who would like to deepen their understanding of Judaism and Jewish practice. 

The classes are taught by Hadar Cohen

Our space is inclusive to people of all genders, identities and faiths. 

All classes are virtual through Zoom with closed captioning available. They will all be recorded and then uploaded for members to watch at their own time.  

Members Receive:

  • Access to a library of recorded classes to learn at your own pace
  • 1 Live class per month, usually a 3 part series (members can request particular classes)
  • Community platform to meet and connect with other members
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By Becoming A Member,

You Will Have Access to these Recorded Classes:

  • Introduction to Jewish Mysticism
  • Introduction to Kabbalah
  • Hebrew Goddesses
  • Stories of Matriarchs: Women of Genesis
  • Angels In Judaism: Divine Messengers & Spiritual Guardians
  • Sufferings of Love: Talmudic Questions of Healing
  • Tarot & Judaism: Divination & the Divine
  • Mystical Piyutim: Knowing God Through Poetry
  • Song of Songs: Unveiling Divine Love
  • Selichot: Prayers of Forgiveness
  • High Holiday Liturgy
  • Foundations of Jewish Prayer
  • Divine Aspects of God: A 7 Week Journey through the Kabbalistic Sefirot
  • Fundamentals of Kabbalah
  • Holy Books of Judaism
  • Jewish Time
  • Sephardic Piyutim
  • Dreams In Judaism
  • The Political Identity of Arab Jews
  • On Mizrahi Identity
  • On Ashkenormativity
  • Introduction to Antisemitism
  • Prostrations
  • On Shabbat: Rest, Pleasure, & Joy
  • Jewish Holidays
  •  Hebrew Alphabet Meditations


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Come join our membership based school and learn about the spiritual essence of Jewish tradition. 

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