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I work with love and integrity, honoring you and your experience. I believe that every being is a whole world and through healing the self we can heal the world. My intention in offering sessions is to support personal and collective healing, so we can all live in greater harmony with ourselves, each other, and God.

My lineage is rooted in Jewish mystical practices in the Middle East. I trained with Luminous Awareness Institute, a two year energy healing program focusing on subtle body awareness, meditation practices, and modern psychology frameworks including attachment theory, integrated family systems / parts work, somatic experiencing, and trauma healing. I studied at with alt*div, an alternative divinity school focused on spirituality and justice.

Through my experience with various modalities, including acupuncture, somatic experiencing, ancestral work, communion with spirits and realms and awareness based practices, I can help craft specialized recommendations for your healing plan. Through my personal practice of cultivating scriptural literacy, I am able to highlight paths to finding God in theology, personal experience, song and movement.

I offer 1:1 healing sessions that support you in connecting to Divine Presence. Sessions combine body awareness practices, talking through experiences, and energetic liberation work. Through this, we can transform experiences of pain into harmony with the universe and all living beings.

I work with integrating the spiritual dimensions with the political realities. I am particularly interested in working with folks who are systemically oppressed through patriarchy, white supremacy, colonization, militarization, capitalism, ableism, exile and displacement.


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  • 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching session with Hadar Cohen.

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  • 3x - 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching session with Hadar Cohen.

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Mystic Mondays


  • 30 minute 1-on-1 tarot session with Hadar Cohen. Come ask your questions and find guidance. 

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“Hadar is a gifted sage. We came to Hadar for spiritual counseling leading up to our wedding. She gave us powerful frameworks for thinking about love, marriage, conflict, and healing. She unearthed dynamics in our own relationship that we weren’t aware of, helped us discover where they were rooted, and gave us the tools to manage those dynamics. We grew so much in just a couple sessions, and since then have often turned to her frameworks to help ease tensions. We’ll forever be grateful.”

- Daniela Sirkin & Eli Wirtschafter
“Hadar not only guides me through clearing energy blockages in my body, but also in a very short period of time can get a sense of why, where, when and how to move forward...something that years of classic therapy could probably never achieve! Hadar immediately puts me at ease and can weave in an understanding of queerness, anti-racism, Jewish ritual, and prayer into each session. She is a partner in my healing. Making space for both her wisdom and my wisdom to guide the session. Knowing Hadar and healing sessions with her have positively been transformational.”
— Arielle Bendahan
“Hadar is a profoundly gifted healer, and she wields her magic with ease, trust, and grounded generosity. Each time we have worked together, she has met me right where I was, and her profound empathy and deep listening allowed me to be precisely as vulnerable and open as was right for my body and spirit.
Working with Hadar has expanded my heart and soul. Both online and in person, Hadar’s skillful holding of a soft brave container has made it more possible for me to be present with the whole vast ocean of healing possibility without feeling overwhelmed. Each session has left me with an abundance of clarity as well as generative questions that have kept working on me for long after our time together ended.
I am so grateful for all the ways Hadar channels her love in the world, and for the specific ways she shares her extensive wisdom and intuition in ways that supports and empowers the wisdom and intuition of others. It is clear that she knows in her bones that all of our healing is mutual and all of our liberation is collective, and I believe that we are all more whole because she is who she is and practices what she practices.”
— Orion S. Johnstone