Unraveling Multiple Identities: Experiences Jewish & Kurdish People Share With Dalia Omar Zada

Dalia Omar Zada is a first-generation Kurd from Efrin (Kurdistan) and was raised in San Diego (Kumeyaay Land). She is currently pursuing a PhD in Social Justice for Education researching how counternarratives work to dismantle orientalist, colonial, and reductive misconceptions of the SWANA regions and individuals. She is also an analyst and researcher for an early childhood education nonprofit dedicated to equity and joy. Dalia's work and passion live at the intersection of Education, spirituality, Storysharing, Restorative Justice, and Advocacy, all of which are heavily inspired by her upbringing as a Kurdish Muslim woman. IG @_daliazada and 

Hadar is an Arab Jewish scholar, mystic and artist. She teaches spirituality and Jewish mysticism at Malchut, a spiritual skill building school teaching direct experience of God. Hadar is a Jewish mystic who builds decolonial frameworks to worship God. Hadar is an artist weaving the spiritual with the political through the artistic mediums of performance, movement, writing, weaving, sound, and ritual.

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