A Sephardic Jewish

Mysticism Retreat


 August 16 - 20, 2023
 Granada, Spain

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Return to the Mystical Magic of Andalusia 


You are invited to join us on a 4-day immersive retreat in the heart of Andalusia. The first of its kind, this Sephardic Jewish Mysticism retreat initiates a ritual of making pilgrimage to the sacred land on which the teachings of Kabbalah were channeled. 

Come celebrate the rich mystical heritage of the Sephardic Jewish tradition in community through spiritual pilgrimage. In our time together, we will practice and learn the teachings of Kabbalah, connect with Sephardic lineage and the land of Andalusia and cultivate a community dedicated to devotional Jewish mystical revival. 

The retreat will be intimate and spacious with a total of 15 participants. There will be time for personal contemplation as well as exploration of the city of Granada. Accommodations and food will be provided though you are responsible for your own travel to Granada.

God Is In The Courtyard


This retreat takes place on the new moon of Elul, known as Rosh Chodesh in Jewish tradition. Elul is a potent month of spiritual transformation as it is preparation time for the High Holidays. It is a time of cleansing and purification where we engage in deep inner work to reconnect with God. The theme of Elul is Teshuva meaning Return. We return to our hearts in devotion and remembrance of the Divine. This year, we are also returning to Andalusia, a land that displaced us yet still holds so much of Jewish tradition. In this spirit of return, we will collectively ask what it means for us to return to a land that displaced us and how we show up for this profound ancestral and spiritual healing.

Come immerse yourself in the wisdom of Kabbalah in Andalusia


The theme of the retreat is embodied spirituality. The teachings of Kabbalah are not meant to be learned through the intellect, but rather lived through reality. The movement from the head to the heart is a core spiritual practice represented through the Kabbalistic Sefirah of Daat. In community, we will practice awakening our devotional hearts in surrender and love to the Holy One. 

Why Andalusia?


Andalusia is a region located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. During the Islamic Golden Age, Andalusia was the heart of spiritual, philosophical, poetic and mathematical advancements. Many spiritual traditions prospered there that center multireligious devotional practices of Divine Ecstasy. Sephardic Jews are those who have ancestry from the Iberian Peninsula or who followed the Rabbinic law according to the Sephardic tradition. Andalusia is the Sephardi homeland where Jewish ritual, scholarship, and community evolved and set in motion a powerful spiritual course for our people. Some important Sephardic sages include Yahouda Halevi (Author of the Kuzari), Maimonides (Author of the Guide of the Perplexed), Nahmanides (Kabbalist commentary of the Torah and grandson of Rashi), and Moses of Leon (Author of the Zohar).

What You Can Expect:


  • Accommodations in a lovely home of Moorish architecture in Granada overlooking the Alhambra with a pool.

  • Teachings on embodied spirituality through Kabbalah.

  • Learning circles on Sephardic Judaism at the intersection of history, philosophy and mysticism. 

  • Community connections that will last beyond this retreat.

  • Exploration of the city of Granada.

  • Shabbat ritual and celebration.

  • Spiritual preparation for High Holidays.

  • Daily Selichot songs.

  • Music, song, prayer, meditation.

  • Nourishing vegetarian food.

  • Spiritual pilgrimage that will leave you feeling renewed and inspired.

Other Details:



  • This retreat is designed for Sephardic Jews but Jews of all backgrounds are invited to join. 

  • Deadline to apply is June 30, 2023.

  • We encourage you to bring musical instruments for singing and prayer circles. 

  • All food will be vegetarian. 

  • We ask all participants to take a PCR COVID test within 48 hours of retreat start time. 

  • It will be hot in Granada! We will have a pool and time for rest during the day and we recommend bringing clothing that takes into consideration the heat. 

  • We welcome participants of all backgrounds. No prior knowledge or expertise is needed, only a committed desire to deepen and learn. 

  • We hope participants on this retreat will stay connected beyond this retreat and we are specifically looking for folks who are interested in investing in reviving the mystical practices of Sephardic Judaism.

The Teachers

Hadar Cohen

Hadar is an Arab Jewish scholar, mystic and artist. She is the founder of Malchut, a spiritual skill building school teaching Jewish mysticism and direct experience of God. She cultivated her own curriculum on the cosmology of creation and teaches it through her training God Fellowship. Malchut is also home for her Jewish Mystical School that includes a library of her classes and a community platform for connection. She is a 10th-generation Jerusalemite with lineage roots also in Syria, Kurdistan, Iraq and Iran. Hadar weaves the spiritual with the political through performance art, writing, music and ritual. Hadar consults and teaches on Judaism, multi-faith solidarity, spiritual and political activism and more. Her podcast, Hadar’s Web, features community conversations on spirituality, healing, justice, and art. She writes a monthly newsletter with spiritual teachings and current offerings. 

Natanel Dukan

Natanel ( Nat) started studying sacred texts and exploring spirituality at a young  age. It's with him all the time, guiding him throughout life. He diversified his experiences and learnings, reflecting in what he shares. He always seeks to  understand the common denominator of everything rather than the differentiator.  Natanel feels at home in the Jewish texts while frequently visiting other traditions  and modalities. All of them are teaching more about the self. 

He feels a deep connection to his Sephardic roots, to which he connects through  music, learning, and food! He loves accompanying people on their journey of discovery, providing a gentle,  loving presence with understanding and compassion to help when needed. A spiritual journey is very personal, but sometimes we can use friends to guide us  through the intricacies of the self.



This retreat is generously sponsored by Moishe House. You are responsible for your own travel and arrival to Granada. We are charging a sliding scale fee $180 - 360 that includes 4 days of programming, accommodation and food. 

Frequently Asked Questions



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Spiritual Pilgrimage


We hope that this retreat initiates a ritual of pilgrimage. Every year for the month of Elul, we invite Jewish people to make pilgrimage to Andalusia to practice the spiritual teachings of Kabbalah. 

The Selichot Project


During the month of Elul, we traditionally chant Selichot. Selichot is a series  of texts and poems written by our sages to awaken the feeling of compassion and forgiveness within us and the Divine. We will be learning and singing these together and if you are curious to glimpse the tunes in advance, check out The Selichot Project.















This retreat is organized by Malchut, a mystical school teaching direct experience of God. If you would like to join the membership based Jewish mystical school or the God Fellowship check out malchut.one.




If you would like to support this vision and future offerings of Sephardic Jewish mystical revival projects you can donate here. We are grateful for your contribution!