$120.00 USD or more

Mapping The Moment: Orienting Ourselves In Disorienting Times

This four-week online cohort over the month of April is designed for anyone of any background struggling to find their footing in this shaky and turbulent time. 


Dates: four Sundays— April 14, 21, 28; May 5

Duration: 90 minutes per session

Time: 10 am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 7pm Central Europe

Location: Zoom (link to follow once you register)

Price: Sliding scale $120-$240


It can be deeply distressing to live in times like these, with so much pain rising to the surface, so many aspects of our world breaking down before our eyes. There is no sense in putting a  “positive spin” on a bewildering, terrifying, heartrending moment like this.

But even as the times keep changing at a pace that can be frightening, it is worthwhile to ask how the times are changing us, or at least trying to. Wisdom traditions have long grasped how our days of greatest heartbreak and turmoil offer us the opportunity to transform our relationship with reality and to align our vision with deeper truths about who we are and what we’re here for. Whether from a spiritual, psychological, or energetic perspective, we might consider that there are unseen dynamics at play, forces that might be on the side of our development. 

But how do we shift our perception so we can see the opportunity in the obstacles, and so make our greatest contribution in this lifetime? And is it even possible to “find” ourselves without suppressing the experience of being “lost”? (Is being lost such a bad thing?)

This community cohort welcomes people of all backgrounds seeking a road map for the current moment. We will engage with the troubles of our time through multiple lenses, from the personal/internal to the social/collective

The month-long weekly course will be split into four broad topics: 

  • Week 1: the power of intention

  • Week 2: accessing presence, heightening attunement 

  • Week 3: revealing the “working theories” that block our transformation

  • Week 4: seeing the possibilities in rupture

Learn more at https://www.malchut.one/offerings